Starting Friday, February 4th OCO will begin rehearsing in-person with Strings Only.

Rehearsal Information

In order to keep us all safe the Orchestra’s Advisory Board has determined that:

  • We will keep all doors and windows open to enhance ventilation. We have inquired but do not yet know whether the city has brought Leona Lodge up to CDC/ASHRAE standards; dress appropriately.

  • Everyone must present proof of vaccination and booster before participating. Please present a card, photo of a card or - least desirable - a QR code

  • Everyone must wear a N95 or KN95 mask; cloth masks and gaiters are unacceptable. In recognition of masks causing eyeglass fogging, we have ordered enough 3M Aura N95 masks for everyone. This mask is very effective in preventing fogging.

  • Everyone will sit three feet apart; in consequence everyone must bring their own stand; seat mates are no longer acceptable. If you don’t have a stand, let me know and the Board will figure out a solution.

  • We will have an intermission but no snacks; feel free to bring water or a thermos of tea or coffee for yourself.

  • We will provide hand sanitizer in multiple locations; of course you can bring your own.



If possible, please download and print music for string-only rehearsals:

Registration Information

  • The City, for us Oakland Parks, Recreation and Youth Development (OPRYD) now requires that we pay a semester-long activity fee; $120 for Oakland residents and $144 for non-residents. For more than fifty years the OCO has never had to pay fees and OPYRD has provided us rehearsal space and paid our conductors. Those days, I fear, are sadly over. When we once again bring concerts to the city’s elementary schools and Senior Centers we can argue that fees should be waived but currently we are stuck with them.

  • Everyone must enroll in the ‘class’ or activity using the city’s online enrollment system. A computer, tablet, or smart phone and a credit card are required. Instructions on how to enroll follow. If you do not have an appropriate device or credit card, or are baffled by the city’s system please get in touch with your section leader or me:

  • As mentioned, everyone must enroll; those who cannot afford the $120/144 fee should let Sue Crum know, indicating how much they can afford. The Orchestra will figure out a way to make up the difference after you enroll.. (Sue Crum 510 759-8368)

  • To enroll, start here:

    • and note on this web page: that we will meet 21 times through May 27 but only the first 10 meetings are listed. - our location is Leona Lodge but the map goes to Studio One. A map to Leona Lodge, with ample free parking at 4444 Mountain Blvd, is here: - the last day to enroll is January 7. I for one can’t believe that the city would refuse money from those late to arrive but best to enroll before the deadline.

  • Next, click the big Register button, upper right. Create an account, and click the Submit button.
    Note that you aren't asked for a password - after you are all done a temporary one will be mailed to your email account.

  • Then, click Next which brings you to a page devoted to keeping children safe and absolving the city from liability. It is totally irrelevant to us but it must be completed to move on. So, in the Risk Acknowledgment box put something - your initials or Donald Duck - anything will do -and click the I agree and acknowledge box.

  • Then, click Next, choose your fee schedule. (I have no idea why they list not-Senior and Senior prices if they are identical but perhaps they are collecting some demographic information. (They've already collected your birth date but here they apparently are asking whether your 'participating child' is a Senior.)

  • Then, click Next. The following pages collect credit card info. It will ask for name and address - street, country, state, zip Submit all that and you're almost done. You will then receive email with a receipt and confirmation of enrollment.

  • After logging out (upper right), to get back into your account use the temporary password you'll receive in an email and then change your password to one of your own.

  • As mentioned above, contact your section leader for help if you run into trouble or have questions. We also hope to be able to do enrollments at the door at our first rehearsal.