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This Fall the orchestra will meet 14 times, from September 8 through December 17;  (there is no rehearsal
on November 24)

  • Rehearsals at Leona Lodge (4444 Mountain Blvd., Oakland) ample free parking

  • Doors open at 8:30

  • Tuning note at 9:30

  • Rehearsal ends at Noon

The class is sponsored by Oakland Parks, Recreation and Youth Development (OPRYD).  OPRYD pays our conductor
and provides us rehearsal space.

Everyone must register for the class with the City of Oakland - fee is based on the number of rehearsals:

  • resident: $84.00 ($6.00 x 14 rehearsals)

  • non-resident: $100.80 ($7.20 x 14 rehearsals)

Financial Aid is available.

Registration Process:

  • Open Perfect Mind (City of Oakland Parks, Recreation & Youth Development registration system)

    • Create an account if you don't already have one

    • Login if you already have an account

  • Select "Program Registration" 

    • third option along top banner

  • Select an Activity

    • Choose "Performing Arts" in Adult

  • In "Music", select "Show"

    • two orchestras are listed

  • Click the "Register" button for "Oakland Community Orchestra" (second listing) (NOT Oakland CIVIC Orchestra)

  • Select "Register" (again) (top right corner)

  • Your name should appear with a checked-box next to it, select "Next" (bottom right corner)

  • Accept Risk Acknowledgement-COVID 

    • check the box near the bottom of the screen

    • then select "Next" (bottom right corner)

  • Select your status as Resident (of Oakland) or Non-Resident, then select "Next" (bottom right corner)

  • Cart Summary, select "Checkout" (bottom right corner)

  • Complete Payment Method

    • fill out credit card information

    • click "Place My Order


Rehearsal Information

In order to keep us all safe the Orchestra’s Advisory Board has determined that:

  • New members must present proof of vaccination and booster before participating. Please present a card, photo of a card or - least desirable - a QR code

  • Everyone must wear a mask while indoors - string players at all times, winds when not actively playing

  • We will take a break part way through rehearsal and will provide coffee and hot water for tea/hot chocolate


The Advisory Committee will continue to monitor health information and modify protocols as indicated.

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