This Fall the orchestra will meet 14 times, from September 9 through December 16;  (there is no rehearsal on November 25)

  • Rehearsals at Leona Lodge (4444 Mountain Blvd., Oakland) ample free parking

  • Doors open at 8:30

  • Tuning note at 9:30

  • Rehearsal ends at Noon

The class is sponsored by Oakland Parks, Recreation and Youth Development (OPRYD).  OPRYD pays our conductor
and provides us rehearsal space.

Rehearsal Information

In order to keep us all safe the Orchestra’s Advisory Board has determined that:

  • We will keep all doors and windows open to enhance ventilation. We have inquired but do not yet know whether the city has brought Leona Lodge up to CDC/ASHRAE standards; dress appropriately.

  • Everyone must present proof of vaccination and booster before participating. Please present a card, photo of a card or - least desirable - a QR code

  • Everyone must wear a N95 or KN95 mask; cloth masks and gaiters are unacceptable. In recognition of masks causing eyeglass fogging, we have ordered enough 3M Aura N95 masks for everyone. This mask is very effective in preventing fogging.

  • Everyone will sit three feet apart; in consequence everyone must bring their own stand; seat mates are no longer acceptable. If you don’t have a stand, email and the Board will figure out a solution.

  • We will have an intermission but no snacks; feel free to bring water or a thermos of tea or coffee for yourself.

  • We will provide hand sanitizer in multiple locations; of course you can bring your own.



Will it be safe?  We do not know where Covid-19 infections will be in September.  This spring we held rehearsals
for strings only, all boosted and masked.

In August the orchestra's Advisory Board will meet to consider:

  • Should winds rejoin the orchestra and what sort of mask requirements should be in place?

  • Should a 2nd booster be required of everyone?  Masks?

  • Should we have snacks and hot drinks at intermission?

  • Should we think about performing towards the end of the season and where?

  • Do our plans fit into county and city requirements?How

As more information becomes available, it will be posted here and emailed to members.